Communal Aerial Systems

Communal aerial systems need not be complicated. At Andy’s Aerials we can fit these systems for you to the highest available standards.

There are three different types of communal TV aerials, these are:

  • IRS – This is an Integrated Receiving System, and is the most commonly used communal aerial system. It requires only one main dish for a whole block of flats or a large communal area.
  • MATV – This is a Master Antenna TV system. It used to be the most popular but is not flexible enough to be connected to a satellite receiver.
  • SMATV – This is a Satellite Master Antenna TV system. They are most commonly used for hotels as they allow for each room to pick up specific satellite channels, without the need for separate satellite receiver boxes.

Our aerial services are of the highest quality as we only install CAI approved materials, giving you the best equipment available and peace of mind.

If you require a communal system to be fitted, then contact us using the form on the right and we can get back to you to discuss your needs further.

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Andy's Aerials have been great. My new TV system is brilliant, and the installation is so tidy. Thanks.

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Excellent service and a very friendly installer. I would definitely choose Andy's Aerials again.

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